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Lavender Farmers

We started our lavender farm at the end of 2020. After the crazy year we all had, lavender seemed like a great way to de-stress. We started by diving headfirst into lavender research, and getting our first few plants. There were some stumbling blocks in the beginning as we learned about farming (like how to drive a tractor), but we are proud to say we are now official lavender geeks, and are up to about 350 plants in the ground!


All the products we sell are handmade at our lavender farm near Ann Arbor, MI. As our lavender journey evolved, we started to consider what to do with all this lavender. So, we learned how to clean the dried buds, and distill the lavender to make oil and hydro-sol. We investigated different products that lavender could be used in, and crafted our own recipes to ensure the quality of what we make. We are still evolving and experimenting, which leads us to create more products and new ways to incorporate lavender into our lives.